Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hello! It´s been a really long time since my last post. So this week I changed to my new family. They live really far away from my school and where most of my friends live.. And most of the time i walk places and its always really sunny and hot! But our family does have a car.
School is going good, Im´ getting used to it and i´ve had to memorize alot of different stuff and recite it in front of the class, which im getting used to too. Two weekends ago i went to another party where you had to wear green, yellow, or red, (colors on a stop light) and they all meant different things. I wore blue.. And i didnt stay for very long. I didnt really do anything..They tought me how to merengue for about two minutes, then I had to leave.
One day I went with Julissa to meet up with Orquidea and Ramona and Sheila to go to an orphanage to give the kids a bunch of our old toys that we dont use, but on our way to Orquidea´s house it started to rain realllly hard, so we ended up staying in Orquidea´s house (which is huge..they own a restaurant and a pool) and cooking spaghetti, the we went outside after the rain let up a little and played in the pool (which only had rain water in it) and after a while we ended up being soaked from head to toe from playing in the rain water. It was really fun. Then afterwards, we went inside and ate pizza from the restaurant, which was really good, too. Here they like to put corn on pizza, which is different, but tastes good. They also eat alot of things differently. Like meat, they eat allll parts of the chicken, including the feet! And they cook fish differently too, they dont cut off the head or the tail. Also, in Homer i eat plain grilled cheese sandwiches..but here they put ketchup and mayo and tomatoes and random sauces on ham and cheese sandwiches, and it´s really good! On Sunday I went to a karaoke club, with Eliza and Yomalsy, and they sung songs in Spanish and I learned how to merengue a little more (i´m not very good at it).
Then the next week there was a big book fair in my town, called the Ferie del Libro, and there were lots of booths with books, food, and places for people to read poetry and stuff like that. I went about every day, and it was fun, most of my friends went too. One day we were supposed to meet at 5:00 for our language class, but only three people showed up! haha. Wedesday we didnt have school because it was a holiday. I met up with Felix and Till alot too. That weekend there was another party that the seniors in my school were having. It was in the town casino. I didnt go for very long to that either. Then this week i´ve been hanging out with friends and with Till and Victor, walking around the town and doing homework! Here are some pictures of me and my friends in Orquidea´s house and in the Ferie del Libro:

Julissa, Ramona, and me with spaghetti hornsLots of people in the Ferie del Libro!
Me and OrquideaRamona, me Sheila, and Orquidea
Me, Sheila, Ramona
Orquidea, Felix, me, Julissa in the Ferie
Ramona, Julissa, me, Cristal in the Ferie - uniforms!

Orquidea´s dad, Julissa, Sheila, Orquidea, and Ramona cooking
me Julissa and Ramona
us eating the spaghetti dinner we cooked
me ramona, julissa, and orquidea in the pool
Cristal, me and Ramona in the Ferie - with uniforms