Monday, November 24, 2008

the peak!

the halloween party

school trip in santo domingo ' the ocean!!!

on the bus

the bus

ramona and a friend with his dog

my host fam´s dog!

Wow! It´s been so long since my last post! I left off in the week that i switched to my new host family. So lots of stuff has summary: Felix went home to Germany (ah, i was about to write Allemania..Germany in Spanish) I went to a crazy school movie, I went on a crazy school trip to Santo Domingo, I went to the campo (the country), i went to a crazy Halloween party, I went to the highest peak in the Carribbean, I joined a softball team, I went to Santo Domingo (the capital) with Ramona, and I´m learning alot of Spanish, and school has been good.

Ok, so I´m not sure exactly why Felix went home.. I was in Caribe Tours one day waiting for my friends (haha, waiting as just kidding) and Felix and Till were there, Felix with all of his stuff packed up, and he was waiting to get on the bus to Santo Domingo because AFS had called him and told him to go, so he thought he was going to change cities or families or something, and he was happy and everything..but when he got to Santo Domingo they told him he would go home the next tuesday. Agh. So that sucks.

The school movie was reallllly different from movies here...The seniors in my school were hosting it, and it was in this old cinema..and it was a horror movie, i dont remember what it was called, something about mirrors being able to kill people..and every time something even remotely scary happened, EVeryone in the theatre would start to scream and yell and whistle and stuff like that...for a long time..and it was extremely loud! But fun none the less...i just had to get used to it. But then the projector broke, and everyone went outside and was listening to music and dancing, and another part of the culture here is that theres no drinking of course there were people drinking. Whenever theres a party or movie or something that goes late here on the weekends, my host parents let me stay the night at Ramona´s house because its alot closer, which is house is really far from where most of my friends live.

Ok, so on the school trip to Santo Domingo, we had to get up at three in the morning to be at the school at four to get on the bus, and the bus ride was intense...people were loud and crazy and yelling out the windows at random stuff and having fun..much different than a bus ride at four in the morning in homer..haha.. in santo domingo we went to a college for computers and we got a tour..then we went to a computer-informatica fair that was huge but kinda boring because it was all stuff about computers and technology and in spanish..the bus ride on the way back was just as crazy and we got back to san juan at about 8.30.

One sunday i went to the country with Nini, the girl who lives in my house, to visit her boyfriend´s family. we rode a motoconcho out and visited and ate and went to a river for a few minutes, and everything was really pretty, then we went out to the real country and drank fresh coconut milk right out of a coconut that one of the people with us had climbed a tree and picked..i dont like coconut but i do like coconut milk! haha. then we went back to san juan in this taxi bus thing. so that was pretty fun.

haha, so people here dont usually celebrate halloween, but they did have a school party..not many people dressed up, but they decorated the place all was in this basement of this rented house it got really hot..but it was fun. yes i danced. agh people dance crazy here. haha.

ok, so the pico duarte trip for afs was amazing! ahhh. i left on a wednesday morning in the bus at 6 in the morning, got to santo domingo and rode a taxi to the house where everyone was meeting, and unfortunately left my cell phone in the taxi, the we went in three buses to the mountains and got to this little town where we ate and slept for the night, then woke up at four thirty in the morning to start walking! and we walked and walked and walked (well some people rode mules and they got to leave earlier) and walked until three in the afternoon where we stayed in this cam,ping spot for the rest of the day, and we ate soup and food and had a campfire, but had to go to bed at 8 because we got up at 4:30 again, to walk more, and on that day we went to the peak, and it was so beautiful! we were also really lucky because usually it rains alot allll the time in pico duarte, but for us it only rained once in the afternoon after we had finished hiking...and i have sooo many awesome pics of the peak. but unfortunately my camera ran out of batteries when we got to the valley where we stayed for three nights and swam in a river and jumped off high rocks into the river and played frisbee and hung out..and on the second to last day they were cooking pigs, but not in an know in movies when people get captured by native tribes and the tribes tie them to a stick and cook them over a fire? it was like that..we woke up in the morning and there were four raw pigs skewered on sticks roasting over the fires..and they were there alll day, it was really strange for me and other people but thats the common way to do it. ah, so i´m about to run out of time on the computer so i´ll have to finish another day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ha!ley,
I am here in Maztlan with your mom and your auntie. We went downtown to the market today and the girls got to shop! Girls have fun shopping. Me, i like to shop, but not for clothes and soft stuff. I like more electronica and sheetmetal stuff.
It is fun being in mexico once again with my teenage daughters, the last time was in 1985.
We got to see a cliff diver jump from 15 meters into a roiling sea and then swim through surging surf to the rocks and climb back up in bare feet. I am sure I could do that if I really wanted to.
Every morning we try to get into the ocean andf then the pool and then do it again in the afternoon tto.
Tomorrow we take the bus to the end of the line (Cerritos) and try to find a nice beach, although the one in front of the hotel is way nice. you can see pics at

It is pretty exciting to hear of your adventures. Sounds like you are having great time. Keep us informed.

Anonymous said...

hola hailey! actually, it was gop that we saw cliff dive, he is just being modest! and it was more like 25 meter dive! your grandpa is awsome you know.
other than that, we teenagers are having a great time here. i only arrived yesterday so i havent gotten any tan at all! but heidi-do and gop have a bit of color. you know me thou- lotion, lotion, lotion! it is nice here. not too scortching hot. very nice beach with mellow surf for me!
it is nice to see and hear about how you are doing! my telepone doesn't work here so ill have to call you when i get back too AK late next week.
it was cute gop came running in to our room to tell us you had posted another blog! i guess im not the only one who checks all the time! actually, gop and heidi call me if i dont post something to your blogs. haha.your pictures are great! cant wait to see the rest of them. did you get your battery charged? did you ever get a cord for your computer? let me know so maybe i can find one for you here. and i am gonna try FED-EXing you stuff when i get home!
love you, ma

Stray Spirit said...

smooches and hugs from sunny warm Mex!co~* You're mom is right - Gop came over to our room just to tell us you posted... we squashed up in front of my tiny laptop screen to read, laugh, savour and enjoy the latest and greatest on Ha!ley adventures :)
I cannot confirm nor deny the stories being told about cliff divers - but if you use your wisdom you'll figure out just who dove where!!! hehe
Tons of love and pat Campion for meeeee, he looks happy and so do you~*
I like Orquidea's hat!
More sandy smooches and tan hugs for you~*

Dad said...

Hola hija!
I was so happy to see your post! Those pics are great, it looks like that was an awesome hike. You've had so many adventures already, I'm really excited for you. What is a motoconcho like? is it open to the air or enclosed?
What is the forested area like? Did you see any animals on your hike? What kind of trees are there?
We have a little snow here, and we went sledding with the boys yesterday down the driveway and Wyoh Way. Sam is getting good at steering his sled now.
Sophie is in town, and will be going to Thanksgiving with us. I guess you won't celebrate Thanksgiving, so I'll eat some turkey for you! Hope you finish this post soon, and catch us up with the last week or so.
I'll talk to you soon.