Saturday, June 6, 2009

(up) A random pic I took in Santo Domingo. (down) A cashew seed before it's cooked. Ramona's neighbor has a cashew tree in her house, and she gave us some of the fruit.

The cashew fruit, with the seed on it. It's extremely bitter and juicy, I couldn't eat it, and on the inside it's bright yellow.

A booth at the beach.

Orqui and me on our class trip.

Ramona and me.

In the Cuevas de las Maravillas. We couldn't take pics inside.

At a pull off leaving Santo Domingo.

Dos campesinas!!! jajaja

The way to Bahia de las Aguilas. It was awesome to drive right on the coast, and further on the road got higher up, and the beach turned back to white sand, from desert to almost rainforest. There was a town called Paraiso (paradise), and when I first say the sign that said 'Bienvenidos a Paraiso', (welcome to paradise) I thought it was joking.
The way back from the beach. It's like a desert; the cactus, the red dirt, and the unbearable heat!!!!!!!! I was practically melting in the bus.

Hueeeyyy!!! Ya llegaron!!!!

The beach at Bahia de las Aquilas. It's beautiful, all the white sand!!

There were rain clouds.. It was sprinkling a little in the boat but when we got there nothing happened. The clouds were nice because the blocked the sun... But nevertheless I got bad sunburn.

I like this pic :)

In the boat with my school's freshman...

I love the color of the water! It's so blue.

The dock. From here we got in the little boats and went around a few bends to the beach.

Bahia de las Aguilas!!! This is the image that people use to advertise the place..
Yesterday I went to La Isla Saona, Saona Island, with the seniors. We met in our school at 4 AM, the went in the huge bus to the east coast of the Republic. We went to Bayahibe, the place where I had gone with my class, but instead of swimming we got into two skiffs that took us to a bigger sail boat, then we headed off to the island. It was so amazingly awesome! We were on a boat in the Caribbean, listening to Bob Marley, haha I felt like I was in a movie or something. The front of the boat had netting where we could sit and look down into the water below us. About halfway through, the water turned black and it started raining, and we all got super soaked but it didn't matter because we were going to get wet anyways. And the view was gorgeous. The rain stopped before we got there, and the skiffs took us to the beach, and all the teachers freaked out because we went super fast and were bumping around with the waves. I didn't swim at the beach, the waves were really big and there were lots of rocks, but later on we went on to a "natural pool" in the middle of the sea, like a sandbar or something, and really big, there were about five groups there but there was still alot of room. And there were big starfish, and people from our group were amazed with them because some had never seen one before.
I started making a sand castle on the beach with Eliza, but we never finished it. On the way back, we went the whole way in the skiffs, racing the other boat. So that was really fun, and we got back at midnight last night. I don't have any pictures because my camera isn't working at the moment, but I do have some sand and shells from the beach.


Stray Spirit said...

Hailey, You are so beautiful! I love the dark hair :) These are great photographs, thanks for sharing. That water looks refreshing! I am looking forward to a dip in the ocean in Mexico this week. See you soon xoxo

Peta said...

Oh my God! I'm so jealous! U spend an year in Dominican Republic! I spend there only two weeks and i'm lookin for day i'll return (and i'll meet friends i met there xD)
Actually, I'm an AFS student in Spain this year.. xD xD

Fadhilah MPA said...

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