Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hello everyone! Okay, so I had five days of school this week! A new record! It only rained three or four times in the evenings, and one time there was a lightning and thunder storm, but we still had school the next day.
Lots of things happened this week! On Monday I played softball (yay!) not with a team but with one of my friends and her dad and her brothers. I like to play catch in my street alot. There are always a bunch of people who will play with me, and its kind´ve funny because theres always people watching..And then we went to the stadium (it´s an olympic stadium...not like olympic games stadium, but it has a tennis court, a baseball field, a skate park, a track..and much more!) and I got to play baseball with Ramona and with a group of guys who was playing there. We only hit because we didnt have our gloves with us, but it was fun.
On Tuesday after school we had a study group. My grade is divided into two classes, and the classes are divided into groups..I haven´t figured out how the groups are divided yet..But anyways, we met at one of our friend´s houses and did some homework, and then afterwards we went to this club meeting. The club was this group of teens who holds parties and movies to raise money for food for children in need. The meeting was fun I guess but i didn´t really understand what people were saying. I think they were planning to have a movie night at one of the schools.
Wednesday after school I met up with Felix and Till, the two exchange students from Germany who live in my town. We walked around a bit, and then it started to rain a little, and the clouds were extremely dark and there was lighning in the distance, so we hurried to my house but it was locked (i dont have a key) so we waited in Julissa´s house for the rain to ease up a little (it was coming down really hard) and then Felix and Till left and I waited for my parents to come home from work.
Thursday was my first day with a full normal uniform (there are sport uniforms and normal wear sport uniforms on the days you have P.E.) In class we played this game where you write a random question that starts with ¨por que¨then put it in a hat and draw someone elses´question and answer it with porque...whatever, then put it in a hat and draw another question and answer, and then you go around the room and one person reads the question out loud and the person behind them answers with the answer on their paper, and then they read their question out loud and the person behind them answers, and so on.
After school I hung out and did homework in another study group at Carolina´s house.
On Friday in school we played that game again. And it was kind´ve awkward because some of the questions were about me (haha). Then, after school we went home and I worked on translating this paper that I have to read out loud in front of the class on Monday...and the translation doesnt really make sense! haha.
Then, I met up with Till and Felix again, and we walked around a little bit and tried to go to the bank to change money, but all banks here are closed at 5...
So then I went home and then played catch and then walked to a party with Julissa, Cristal and Felix, at Felix´s house (which is huge!)
At the party there were lots of people from my school and Felix´s school and Till´s school (we all go to different schools) and i met lots of people. There was dancing but i didnt dance because it was kind of crazy! And people were supposed to wear white because there were black lights and strobe lights.. And that was fun, and afterwards we rode home with Cristal´s dad.
And today, Saturday, I havent done anything...I tried to sleep in but I can never sleep past 930 here..i dont know why. but i guess that is sleeping in. Haha. Then I walked around town a little with Yomalsy, and we came here to this internet place.
In Febuary, theres an AFS trip to Pico Duarte, which is the tallest peak in the Carribbean! I´m really excited because it will be cold when we get higher up! and I miss the cold! Haha, It´s like in the winter time when I really want summer...But now that I´m always hot all the time except when i´m taking a shower (always cold, haha) I wish it was cold outside.
Anyways, the trip to Pico Duarte is for 6 days and we will go all the way to the top, so I´m really excited for that, I´ve always wanted to climb a mountain!
So, that´s all I can think of to write right now.. Thanks for commenting...I miss everyone!


Dad said...

Hi Hailey!
So glad to see your post! Sounds like a very exciting week. I'm glad you are getting in some softball (and baseball). Ha, it's funny that you miss the cold! I wouldn't mind some warm weather around here for a change... it's been pretty rainy and cool.
When do you move into your new home? Once you are there, make sure you have a key so you aren't locked out :)
I run into several people a week who ask about you. We miss you but I'm so glad you are having such a fun adventure!
Climbing Pico Duarte sounds great- I wonder what the temps will be in February.
Buenas suerte translating your paper.

Anonymous said...

Hey You!!!! It was great hearing from you today!! I wish we could talk more, anyways your so lucky you get to play softball, i want to be doing that right now, but its been getting colder X( and has been raining a lot, and unlike you I still have to go to class lol. But its been a lot of fun, I can go and do whatever i want :D and me and Heidi go get coffee sometimes, in fact speaking of Heidi she decided she wanted to tinfoil her assistants office, and it was hilarious and then she left for 3 days so me and Leah went to her house and tinfoiled random items in her room! It was great! Well anyways i have to go do some home work!
Love You Lil Sis, Sophie

Stray said...

I so enjoy reading your blogs :)
What is the strangest thing you've seen in the grocery stores? I remember having to give speeches in Spanish - and that was always an adventure for me... especially when I thought I was reporting on volcanoes and found out I was talking about hot hippo rivers - ack~* :)
I see Sophie told you that I got foiled - too funny~*
Lupine was telling me the other day that if she was in the DR she would want you to bring her to the beach alot... cause she doesn't like the heat either. How far are you from the beach... or lake?
Next time you go to a black light dance... don't be shy... slip yer grill over yer front teeth and rip it... show em what Alaskan's are made of!
Levi is a work-aholic... he's making money and likes that. Isaac's trying to juggle school and a social life.
Hey - what are some of the most interesting questions you've gotten about yourself, your family, or where you're from?
Do you have boys passing you notes yet? I hope so ;)
luv, LOVE, loVesss you XOXOXO

Anonymous said...

hola Hailey! que tal? alright that is all i can think of in spanish right now. sounds like a fun week nowthat i am getting to read this finally! I am glad you didn't tell me everything on the phone so it was much more exciting to read now.
I made it berry picking today, and it feels like I have bugs in my hair from crawling in the raspberries! i best jump in the shower. i even got blueberries finally, up at pattys house. after sketcher and i found one really great bush and picked it clean, we went a little further into the 'bog' and found a spot where a bear had slept and there was scat less than a day old! I left and called lenny to cone pick berrys with me. he said "what-you want someone who you can run faster than, is that it? in case a bear shows up?" yeah-im not stupid! :)
anyhow i best take that shower and take care of those berries. nice to hear from yo, as always!