Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Me and six other AFSers. Four are from

the U.S., one from Italy and one from Germany (i think Germany)

My little brother (Angel) and my host mom

A Castle in the colonial part of Santo Doming. We climbed all the way to the top!

there was an awesome view.

Me and Yomalsy in an ice cream shop while walking around town.

Me and Andrea, and AFS advisor, in the AFS camp.

Front View of my school.

My class (uniforms!)


Stray said...

Oh to see your smiling face!!! Ha!ley - you are so beautiful, I miss you! The pictures are cool, it looks like you've made MANY friends. Your brother Angel looks like a lot of fun~* That castle looks might awesome - what/who was it built for? ttyl, love He!d!~*

Anonymous said...

Hello ahiley, i wrote you an email today, too, but i like to comment, now that i know how! :) i also like seeing your smiling face! you look great, and maybe a little hot! i wish i could get a closer look at your class in their uniforms. do you like wearing a uniform? it seems like it would making getting ready for school so much easier. that party sounded like fun por que yo no comprendo por que tu no bailas! did i say that right? :) i don't know all the adjectives. como se dice 'adjectives' in espaniol?
ok, i must turn in now. i will be anxiously awaiting more from you! love you tons, miss you more (so proud of you!!) ma

Dad said...

Hola Hailey!
Nice pics, thanks for posting them. You look like you're enjoying the life there! Nice looking school. We just got back from camping around Skilak lake area for a few days. Sorry I missed your call, but I'll talk to you soon. The boys had a great time. Finally we had a little good weather and made the best of it. Saw a few black bears- one unexpectedly about 25 feet away! And we hiked and paddled around a little on a lake that had a cabin and a boat. It's getting pretty chilly here, winter is near. That's the latest, hope you have a great week!

denali said...

hey i'm glad to see your pictures :D! and it sounds like you are haveing a bunch of fun, playing baseball and such. nice uniforms...guess what?! we actually won homecomeing this year it was like amazing! your school is pretty intense looking. nice to see what you have been up to. miss ya mucho! <3 DeNali