Friday, March 6, 2009

More Carnaval!!

Julissa and me in Ilda´s place
Orquidea and me
A street in San Juan - notice all the motorcycles and motos!

A funny umbrella that was in the we took a picture

In Ilda´s place, the bakery where we go to eat cake and pastelitoes and pizza haha

Ahh ok so the thing that he has in his hand is what all the boys use to hit the girls with on their butts...i still have a bruise on my thigh..and they´re hard and they hit hard too! I´m not exactly sure why, but they do it..and whenever they hit you you have to run up against a wall or find a guy to defend you...

Monopoly!!! in Spanish!!! I was playing with Orquidea, Ramona, Jimito, Julissa, and Felix Andres

Hamburger stand!!!! There´s lots of hamburger-hot dog-pastelito stands on the corners haha and they´re pretty good too.

El Carnaval...sponsored by Presidente.. ahhh theres always something about presidente here. It´s the Dominican´s favorite beer..

in Parque Duarte

The arc of San Juan... in parque Duarte, next to Caribe Tours...for Christmas it was all decorated and pretty

Lechosa!!!! almost cant see them but they´re the black looking figures

Ramona and a little boy in the Carnaval, with his costume he looked like a little chicken :)


Dad said...

Hailey, what great pics! The costumes are so interesting, it must have been fantastic to see them all in person!
The little chicken kid is hilarious!



Stray Spirit said...

Ms Hailey, you are becoming quite the photographer! Those strange whips remind me of the bull kelp that washes up on the beaches in and around Homer. Hopefully the carnival beatings have subsided! How long did that parade last? Did they throw candy? What kind of music filled the air? Sure wish I could have been there - :)
luv ya heaps and tons