Thursday, March 5, 2009

El Carnaval!!!!

The parade on! Lots of different groups, this was one of them with twin dolls....and of course they had to do inappropriate things with their twin dolls...hahaha.(top right)

These costumes were the coolest!! (up) they were attatched to people's arms and legs, so when the people walked, it looked like the big skeleton thing was walking...i have a video and i tried to put it up but there was an error...and i have lots more but they take alot of time so i'll put them up some other time..

Los Indios :)
a blue diablo

yes, those are guys...the pic explains it all. :)

Ramona and me...with a skeleton :) haha that was a sweet costume

haha you almost can't see him...but this costume it made out of strips of plastic pasted onto clothing...pretty sweet :)

yes that's a guy.

Los Brujos!!! the witches..they were in the parade, and their float was pretty sweet. except he's smoking a cigar...eew.
I've got alot more pics and videos for later!!!!! =D


Dad said...

wow Hailey! What a fun time that must have been!
Can you imagine that kind of a parade going down Pioneer Ave? All we get is Mark Marette on his horse!
It was great chatting with you today, glad we got the web cam going.
I look forward to the video of that skeleton walking, it looks pretty cool.
Hasta luego!

Stray Spirit said...

Holy swirling color costumes batman~* Some of those costumes are really beautiful - looks like a lot of hard work went into them too! Fun chit chatting the other day over IM! Have fun with Dale when he pop's in on your later this week.
Smooches and Hugs