Monday, February 23, 2009

Helloo! Ok, so yesterday was the Carnaval for little kids. The Carnaval is a celebration in all of Febuary, where people dress up crazy, like devils or dragons or monsters, and go out into the streets whipping the ground and going in parades.. Yesterday I went to the one for kids that they had here in San Juan in one of the parks.. There were lots of kids with random costumes, masks, spider man suites, and everything.. It was funny. And of course there were lots of little boys playing with whips.. Which isnt really very safe.. Especially in crowded areas. And there´s lots of teenage boys running around with these hard balloon-like things on the ends of strings, hitting girls in their butts and backs..and yes they hit me about four times! And hard, too! And when they don´t stop, you have to run. This Friday, the 27th, is the normal Carnaval..which should be even bigger and better. But I´ll probably get hit more.. Haha. The Carnaval in La Vega, a city in the northern part of the D.R., is known to be the best in all the Carribbean, with huge parades and fairs and everything.
Sheila and me yesterday in the Carnaval for kids
Ramona, Carolina, and me..

The San Juan capital building..

El Carnaval! A typical costume.
Haha, when I try and take a picture of one person
everyone crowds in!
El Carnaval for kids, in Duarte Park
Kids playing with!....
La Avenida - a big avenue on the north side of town
and it´s really long and has alot of these apartments
that all look the same on both sides
A rice factory!
In the campo! It´s extremely pretty there.

Normal houses in a village in the campo

It´s really pretty!

Antony, Andrina, Sahony, Jairo, Cristal

Riding in the truck on the way to the campo
From left to right Cheina, Sahony, Andrina, Jairo,
Ramona, and Cristal
Sheila, Orquidea, and me

Orquidea, Norman, and Me

Manuela and Julissa in the truck
My class! From left to right they are Norman, me, Jairo
Caroline, Ernesto, Erik, Daniel, Ramona, Cristal (in the middle)
Sahony, Emely, Cristofer, Jaciel, and Yomalsy

KC and our friends from Thailand in the AFS camp

Ramona and her house
KC and me in the camp
I got black highlights..

It´s easy to find random farm animals walking in the
streets of San Juan

the street outside Ramona´s the right is
the fence to the stadium


Tara said...

Hi Hailey,
It looks like your having all kinds of crazy fun. The kiddos say hello!
I bet your not missing this cold weather?
Take care

Dad said...

Hola Hailey,
Great pics! El Campo is very nice, as you said. Nice highlights- or would those be highdarks since you actually darkened your hair? I'm thinking you need to invest in one of those super soaker squirt guns, and when one of those silly boys with a hard balloon on a string tries to hit you, you soak him good! What is the symbolism, or the traditional meaning, of this hitting?
Are you going to go to La Vega for the carnival? Maybe you can get there with some friends, a school trip, or your host family :)- that sounds pretty cool, a lot like Mardi Gras maybe?
In any case, be safe and have a great time!



Stray Spirit said...


sooooo creative! I love your pictures, I love your stories, I LOVE your hair! So pretty ~ *

Anonymous said...

You look great, we're thinking of you! Love, Sharon

Anonymous said...

Why are you not all tan? should you not be brown like a chestnut with all the sun?
Tinto looks terrific.
Recommend a baseball bat to smack back the fat balls on a string.
Nice to see all the smiles.
I am taking a class on the History of Alaska and very much enjoying it. also taking Bear Biology but my meetings make me miss half the bear classes. I'll never get better grades than Sophie if I don't go to class.The last two days have been like spring- lots of sun and disappearing snow. The days are getting noticeably longer and we all enjoy that very much. You poor thing, by the time you get back you will have missed the whole winter. Luv ya, keep having fun