Monday, February 16, 2009

Hello!!! Wow, i can´t believe i´m already more than half way through! I´ve got alot to cover. So school started that Monday, and it´s been going pretty well. I´m understanding almost everything that goes on in my classes now. So some people were asking me about the school here... It starts at 8:00 but we all have to get there at 7:45 to line up and sing the Dominican Hymn Song as they raise the flag. Then we all go to class, we have three classes without a break, then at 10:30 we have 20 minutes to eat breakfast from the cafeteria, then we go back to class and have three more classes without breaks, then we get out at 1:15... Happy Valentines Day! ...let´s see...i´m not sure where to start. so this last weekend for valentines day almost my whole class piled in the back of a truck and drove about 20 minutes out to the campo (country side farm land) of one of the kids in my classs, in the morning at about 10. When we got there, we all put on swim suites and swam in this river. And of course everyone thought it was cold :) but it was nothing compared to swimming in Kachemak Bay. And it was super fun, and we hung out almost all day swimming and talking. For lunch, everyone brought one thing...rice and beans (moro), chicken, spaghetti, bread. pretty much what we eat every day :p And we went home and now i have a really big sunburn!
So the other weekend, i went to my friend Cristal´s 15th birthday party (she´s in my class, and she´s only 15!!!) and almost my whole class went. And i went with my friends Ramona, Julissa, and Sheila, and we got there early so we were walking around outside, and Julissa looked up at the moon and it looked cool so she told us to look at it, and right then a lunar eclipse started!!!! Which is like...amazingly good timing. The moon was only about a quarter full, but it was still really awesome to see. Then we went back to Cristal´s house...and the party was really fun. Everyone danced (including me!) regeton and merengue and techno..and they had a big cake and dinner and everything. The thing i really like about here is that people aren´t afraid to dance and talk to people who aren´t in their little group of friends, and people are open!! And what else.. oh, right, i went to another AFS camp in a little town called Bayaguana, about an hour out of Santo Domingo. It was two weeks ago..And I was going to leave on a Friday morning at 10, but at 9:45 when i went to leave my house, the gate was closed with the lock outside, so i was locked in. And my host parents were at work and didn´t answer their i ended up having to find a key to the garage and go out and get the key...
Oh and i got my packages!!!!!! finalllyyyyy!!! Thank you all so much for sending me them, they made me very happy :) ok, so i´ll have to finish this with pictures later when i have more time..
i have to go to this math practice thing for my school...there´s these math olympics in a few weeks that my math teacher invited me to haha..
Miss you all! Hope everything has been going well.


Homer Dad said...

Great post Hailey! Nice talking to you yesterday also!
Math olympics??? You have some experience there! Hope you have as much fun (or more) as we had in Anchorage!
You know that luck is with you when you catch a lunar eclipse like that, that's awesome.
Looking forward to your pics, and hearing more about the AFS camping trip!
We are going to try to reserve a park cabin on a lake near Tustamena when Bonita is here (she's coming in a couple weeks for about 10 days), so that should be fun.



Stray Spirit said...

Heeeyyyyyyyy, I didn't see this post!!! dang darn diddly~*

A lunar eclipse - I'm jealous, I'll bet it was wonderful~*

I can't believe you were locked in - AND figured out how to get a key! Nobody locks my Ha!ley up and gets away with it! :)

You'll have to teach us all how to do those dances when you get home!!! Not that there is anywhere in Anchorage I would go and use them HA.

I'm in Denver right now at a conference - weeeeeee~*

TTYL gator xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo