Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ah, so I was going to post pictures today but i accidentally brought the cord for my zune instead of the one for my camera. ugh. So I guess I´ll just write more.
In school, the juniors have two classes, 3ero A and 3ero B, I´m in 3ero A, and our classrooms are right next to eachother and they´re separated by walls that can be lifted up to make one big classroom. Our two grades have been arguing and we´ve kind´ve been enemies since the beginning of the year, because we wanted different class names and we wanted to do separate class activities. So today, for our last two classes, we opened the wall and had this big presentation thing, because today´s student day, and so that we could all make up the problems and be one big class again. And it started out with people reading stuff about students, what students are, and friendship, then people read poems, and then Julissa and Sheila sang a song together (they are really good singers! and they have guts to sing alone in front of about 70 people...), then more people presented and sang, two people sang the song that goes..turn around bright eyes, every single time i fall apart, (or something like that...not sure what it´s called) but in spanish its different..mira mis ojos...yeah...and that was really good. There´s this girl Carolina in my class who´s hilarious, she was one of the ones singing it, and it was funny... Then this other girl from 3ero B sang and danced to the song Hey Now, this is what dreams are made of, in English from that Lizzie Mcguire movie hahaha and it was funny..everyone was singing along.. and every time someone finished everyone would scream and cheer as loud as they could, haha, so that was fun...
So what else can I talk about.. Oh! I learned how to drive a motorcycle. It was awesome! I´m not very good at it..but it was really fun. Kinda scary too.
Yesterday I went to Ramona´s house with Sheila and Scarley, and then we went to this restaurantish place close to there to eat...and woww, we ate soo much. It was funny..afterwards we could barely walk.
Here everyone watches soap operas (including me!..sometimes) There´s this one called Doña Barbara that I like to watch..It´s about this lady called Barbara and she owns this hacienda, and then this guy called Santos comes and moves into town, and they fall in love, but he doesnt know that Barbara´s a evil lady who kills people to get her way...and then I´m not sure what happens because i haven´t seen all of it..but this girl Maricela who lives on a hacienda, is Barbara´s daughter..because Barbara had gotten raped by the police chief, and she´s their daughter...and then somehow Santos falls in love with Maricela, and she falls in love with him (he´s like 40 and she´s 18)..and Barbara is all jealous...but Santos still stays with Barbara...but then he finds out about her lying and murdering and he leaves her, then she´s even more mad...and Santos tries to get with Maricela, but she doesnt want to cuz before he was with her mom..and yeah it goes on from there like a soap opera..but i think its gonna end soon. Haha, my friend Ramona watches them about every night (they´re called telenovelas).
So there are lots of good Spanish rock bands...from the D.R., from Spain, from Colombia..and other parts of Latin America... I know that some people in Homer have heard of Enrique Iglesias, he sings the ping pong song...and there´s a version in Spanish too..
So i went to a basketball game the other day in the stadium. It was a normal basketball game.
Oh, so here in the D.R. the Spanish they use is alot different that in other Spanish speaking countries...for example, they take out the letter s from alot of when they´re saying ´the doors´ they say la puerta instead of las puertas...and they like to add -isimo onto the ends of when they´re saying ´that´s way cool!´they say ¨jevisimo!¨. and for the word thing they dont say cosa they say baina (i´m not sure how to spell it but that´s the way it sounds)
And i´m running out of time on the comp so i´ll post pics next time!


Dad said...

Hailey, you're crackin me up!
Riding a motorcycle now? Here's my Dad Duty: Wear a helmet!
Sorry I lost you on the IM, Blaise was in the tub and needed help.
So, do the two classes get along now?



Stray Spirit said...

I am not sure how you are going to top this post - I was rolling off the bed laughing :)
Please give us periodic updates on the murder crazed woman and the crazy man trying to NOT sleep with the young lady...
Oh - and same question as Dale - did the two classes end their day locked at the elbows singing the "I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony..." song?
yer blog gobbling auntie

Denali said... talking about the soap operas reminds me of destinos! lol, sounds like you are having a bunch of fun like riding a motorcycle! can't wait to see the pictures :D
miss you! ~denali